Chantique is a small hobby show home specialising in Maltese, taking great pride in breeding for the best quality Maltese to show and small, high quality pets for the discerning pet owners

My involvement with Maltese stretches almost 25 years from my first Maltese dog I got in 1991 and I've adored them ever since. They're my much loved pets first and only having a few dogs who all live inside with me. They're calm and easy to live with. 

Maltese should be a self obsessed little dog with beautiful carriage, silky soft hanging long coat, but most of all structurally sound and healthy. A balanced head, a gentle eye showing intelligence, confidence, elegance, with flowing movement are all features of the breed that I love to live with. 

Maltese are not a terrier, they're in the Toy Group standing to a maximum of 10"tall at the shoulder. Mine stand between 8-9" some are smaller than others but I breed from - 3.5kg dogs. If I get any larger pups in a litter I usually keep them as show potential for myself, most of my pups are too small to show but make beautiful pets for others. I get to share the love :)

All photos are of CH Chantique Saying Grace 


Jo Sunde

Email; [email protected]

Ph; 07 886-2000 or 021 0309118

Situated in Tokoroa, New Zealand

I can export overseas

New Zealand is rabies free

Registered NZ Kennel Club member 

with registered dogs